Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are people who help Dementia-Go succeed in our mission. We appreciate the efforts of our Ambassadors to make the world a better place.

What is a Dementia-Go Ambassador?

Dementia-Go Ambassadors are volunteers committed to serving as liaisons between Dementia-Go and support groups. Each Ambassador’s efforts are crucial to the success of the Dementia-Go.

Ambassadors are asked to work with SupportInfo-Go to promote Dementia-Go newsletters to people with medical conditions and support groups.

What Ambassadors Do:

  • Spread the word about our services to people who need them
  • Let organizations know that they can promote their resources for free
  • Enter items in our calendars when they learn about them.

Ambassador Program FAQ

What do Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors are asked to find events in their area applicable to Dementia and make sure they are listed in our calendars. They attend events to spread the word about our calendar. Additionally, our most successful ambassadors will be asked to blog on our site to discuss their condition and the challenges people with the condition face.

Is there a training or introduction session for new Ambassadors?

Yes! New Ambassador conference calls take place each quarter.  We encourage you to begin serving as an Ambassador as soon as possible, even if it’s prior to participating in a call. These calls include training and updates about Autism activities.

An Ambassador’s Job

Dementia-Go Ambassadors commit to building strong relationships with members of their community, becoming a resource for people with medical conditions, and spreading the word of resources through Dementia-Go.

Dementia-Go Ambassador Role Description

Dementia-Go Ambassadors represent Dementia-Go’s most engaged and elite volunteers. Ambassadors serve as official liaisons between Dementia-Go and the people in their community. The Ambassador Program serves a strategic function of Dementia-Go’s mission by establishing and building a strong grass roots network, ensuring that people with medical conditions have a way to find the resources they need to help them face their challenges.

Dementia-Go Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Attend events related to the medical condition you represent.
  • Spread the word about Dementia-Go calendars
  • Ensure that events in your region are on our calendar
  • Inform Dementia-Go about resources in your region that people need to know about

Dementia-Go Ambassador Skill Sets

  • Proven passion surrounding the Dementia-Go community
  • Interest in building and maintain relationships with people with medical conditions
  • Ability to speak and write clearly
  • Ability to think strategically, broadly, and outside the box
  • Must have strong organizational skills

Dementia-Go Ambassador Expectations

  • Fulfill the member responsibilities as outlined above
  • Actively participate on calls and in meetings
  • Commit for 1 year to complete assigned Ambassador Tasks

Are there incentives for Ambassadors?

Yes. Ambassadors can earn t-shirts, polo shorts, gift cards, and other items based on how many confirmed events they add to our calendars and how many subscribers they attract.

If you want to help, fill out the form below and become an ambassador.

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